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Transfer Yachting Lifestyle

IbizaVipBus corporate Transfer Yachting Lifestyle is the most convenient way for business travelers to navigate Ibiza amazing Island. First of all, we provide you with all the Yachting Lifstyle transfer services you need to receive your passengers. During their charters from Ibiza Private / Commercial Airport. Also, for transfers to the different Marinas in Ibiza, or during your stopovers to visit the region or go out to a restaurant.

• Transfer of your passengers from the airport to the boat with the boat crew.
• Luggage transport.
• Follow-up of the boat along the coast and provision of car at disposal at each stopover.

Yachting Passenger Transfer

In addition, your transport car with IbizaVipBus driver, will welcome and transport your guests to the dock of your boat. We have extensive experience in yachting lifestyle transfers. As well a car at disposal with private driver for passengers and crew members. So your guests can visit the region or simply go to the restaurant.

A transport car with driver may be available at all their stops. Book online your Transfer Yachting Lifestyle

Hourly Service With Driver for Transfer Yachting Lifestyle

We are at your service, for you and your guests, to visit the Island or just go to the restaurant and Clubs.

As you may need chauffeured transport for your guests. Trust our experience of working with the captains and Most prestigious Marinas in Ibiza. Please note that we understand that owners and guests can be extremely demanding and put crews under pressure.

We are available with our unique fleet of Mercedes Benz S Class and luxury V Class Vans to take care of your guests.

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